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Community frolics* that deepen the connection between people + plants.

*Fun, free gatherings where folks learn about plants together, outside, year-round.



Our dream: A world where people + plants actively nourish each other.

Whether you love plants and are eager to share your grandma's elderberry pie recipe, or you have never even tasted a dandelion leaf, anyone/everyone is welcome to join a WFS frolic. Frolics are free!

Frolics are co-facilitated by Lee, Sammy, and/or Rebecca who are queer plant enthusiasts, not experts. We invite folks to slow down, get curious and maybe even sit in the discomfort of not getting an answer to "what is that?!" Everyone has stories, experiences and information to share - please chime in!

Unless stated in the frolic details, WFS does not harvest plants or fungi for consumption during frolics. We treat the green spaces we visit as outdoor classrooms where we can learn together. Harvesting of 'wild' foods should only be done on land that you know the history of, have express permission, feel 110% sure about your identification skills, and have done your research on your impact on that plant and the surrounding ecology.

Frolic details (where we're meeting, when, how to get there, what to bring, what to expect) are posted online and through our e-newsletter in advance. Stay up to date on the next frolic by signing up for our email list below.

Frolic #71 | Autumn Bounty
Frolic #71 | Autumn Bounty
Sep 24, 2023, 11:00 a.m.
Can you make it?
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